Smibs TV – Landscape Mastery

For those who missed the live version of the show, Smibs Fine Art Photography Weekly episode 26 featuring Michael Gordon and me on the topic: Landscape Mastery is now on-line for replay or download – click here to see the episode. Warning — this episode is an an hour and a half long — hell, I can’t even stand to be around myself that long so if anyone watches the whole thing, they deserve an award! Well… your reward will be the nuggets that Michael Gordon offers; there are some good lessons to be learned in his wisdom.


©Darwin Wiggett


6 Responses to “Smibs TV – Landscape Mastery”

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  2. That was a good episode. I get what you where saying about stock. I find myself missing opportunities because all I think of is the perfect “stockworthy”. I enjoyed the whole hour and a half, do I get the award?

  3. Enjoyed the show , i am looking forward to your e book you mentioned in the interview.

  4. Enjoyed the show, tremendously. Like Stephane, I watched the entire episode (over two sittings.)

    I understand the reference to the hermit in us, completely. lol.

    Interesting to hear the same battle goes on between your head and your heart when it comes to image making; usually manifesting itself as the polar opposites of commercial success (paycheque) and artistic satisfaction.

    Keep up the great work, both in your photography and the magazine. Both inspire the rest of us.

  5. vicente machado Says:

    Hi, Darwin:

    I loved the Smibs TV show presenting you and Michael this time. Thank all of you for sharing knowledges on landscape photography and be sure I have kept in mind the importance of the key word: creativity.

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