This is an important project!

I won’t say much here but I think anyone interested in water should check out this link. See if you can help!

┬ęDarwin Wiggett



5 Responses to “This is an important project!”

  1. Great cause, excellent production so far, and a novel way [to me] to support independent people doing important work to raise awareness.
    Thanks for bringing this to my attention Darwin.

  2. The video is very powerful, and very sad as well. How long will it take before those powerful people turn our earth into an uninhabitable wasteland?

    I knew in an abstract way about the oil sands and that their exploitation was an insult to the environment. The video brings it home.

  3. Hey Darwin…thanks for pointing this out!



  4. To anybody who is interested in this, there are so many other issues involved in this huge mess that is the oil sands. I recommend you check out &/or sign (I hope you don’t mind the links Darwin): and the stuff does. They focus on the proposed pipeline and oil tanker chain down BC’s pristine and highly fragile costline. The least we can do is tell the Canadian government not to do this crime against nature in our name!

  5. Thanks for this post!

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