January Winter Tour Results – Sonia Wadsworth

Below are Sonia’s images from the January Photo Canadian Rockies Winter Photo tour. We had a bit of a spell of bad weather and Sonia writes:

The variety of weather conditions experienced over the course of the 31/2 days of the January tour did not help me in my quest to capture any outstanding images. Trudging through snow drifts, not knowing what dangers lay unseen beneath, trying to keep batteries warm, cameras working and lenses free of blowing snow in the gathering gloom, my tripod legs seemed to possess a will of their own. The result… a great deal of post processing  in Photoshop 😉



©Sonia Wadsworth


“Textures” Taken in the afternoon at Nordegg old town site. Canon 40D. Lens 24-105 @95mm. f22, 1/6sec.

©Sonia Wadsworth

“Ice”  Taken in failing light at Allstones Bay on Abraham Lake. Canon 40D. Lens 100-400 @ 250mm. f16, 1/2 sec.

©Sonia Wadsworth

“Weeping Wall”  Taken in poor light & falling snow below Cirrus Mountain in Banff N.P. Canon 40D. Lens 100-400 @ 150mm. f16, 1/8 sec.

©Sonia Wadsworth

“Lone Tree” Further along the park highway & shot from the car window. Canon 40D. Lens 100-400 @ 285mm. f7.1, ISO 200, 1/160 sec.

©Sonia Wadsworth

“Along the Highway” Bighorn Wildlands, Kootenay Plains. Canon 40D. Lens 24-105 @ 82mm.f11, 1/15th sec.

©Sonia Wadsworth

“Ice Edge”  The North Saskatchewan River off  the Siffleur Falls Trail, Bighorn Wildlands. Canon 20D. Lens 70-200 @ 154mm. f32, 1/5sec.


14 Responses to “January Winter Tour Results – Sonia Wadsworth”

  1. Beautiful work Sonia.
    “Ice Edge” is my favorite. 🙂

  2. Very nice work! I’ll be leaving for my own Canadian Rockies tour early next week, I hope it’ll be as good as yours!

    • Sonia Wadsworth Says:

      Thank you Alan. I hope you have better weather & come away with great images. I look forward to seeing your results in due course.

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  4. Sonia – we would never know of your troubles on the trip looking at these images. ‘Weeping Wall’ is simply stunning while ‘Lone Tree’ and ‘Ice Edge’ are lessons of ‘less is more’. Beautiful work! 🙂

  5. Nice stuff! I REALLY like the otherworldly “Ice” image. Beautiful!

  6. Well done Sonia! You’re braver than I, the November tour we were on was winter enough for me. I think you got some really strong images, my favourite is Ice Edge, it has amazing shapes and lines.

  7. Hi Sonia, how´s it going? I really like “Ice Edge”!!

  8. Very well done Sonia. I love “Ice”, lots of triangles and nice deep blue colours. I’m going on Darwin’s tour in March, any tips? Like something you wish you would of brought with you?

    • Sonia Wadsworth Says:

      Yes, if you have a pad to kneel on, make sure you can attach it to either you or your tripod – the wind can be VERY strong! Hold on tight & have fun!

  9. I think you did great job, Sonia. I particularly love your last image, it is so abstract, and yet you know right away what is it. It has great color, and patterns.

  10. Great stuff Sonia,
    I dread to think what you would have come up with, if the weather had been any better… :).
    Your images are proof that lack of sun is no reason not to take your camera out.

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