Inspirations – Paul Walker


© Paul Walker


Nikon D3 38 mm f/8 @ 1/1250 seconds ISO 640

The ball was the only object that would unite the individual characters of this pack and the owner threw the ball out of sight over the ridge of the hill.  I really wanted an action shot of all dogs and this was the way that it was achievable by them taking an interest in the one object of shared interest. ~Paul Walker

5 Responses to “Inspirations – Paul Walker”

  1. Oh, my! This is what I call a ‘perfect’ shot! The expressions and body language of the dogs, the two dogs in the background, the composition, the tone, everything comes together to create a truly spectactular image! Wonderful!

  2. Colorblindxs2 Says:

    Ahah….Awesome Idea And Wonderfully Taken!!

  3. What a great photo composition and expressions are wonderful!

  4. An awesome shot!

  5. great shot! and love the shot on the home web page too!

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