The Perfect Little Camera Bag for Canon G-series Cameras

Anyone who owns a Canon G-series camera (e.g. G9, G10, G11, or G12) knows that we are not talking about a camera that will fit in your pocket (unless you’re a kangaroo and have a pouch sized pocket). And readers of this blog know that I like to take my Canon G11 almost everywhere with me. Therein lies a major frustration; how do you carry a G-series camera around so you have quick access to it and yet it does not become a huge pain in the neck or a giant bulge in your pocket? Plus there are times you may just want to have the camera hidden from view.

Sometimes I let the camera dangle from my neck (conspicuous and the camera is always annoyingly flapping around). Sometimes I have stuffed the camera in a day pack (access is slow). I have also tried a small belt pouch (again slow access and I need to remember to wear a belt). In short I have never had an functional solution… until now.

Black Rapid (makers of camera straps) have introduced an innovative 3-in-1 camera bag/sling strap/hands strap system for G-sized point-n-shoots that I really think is perfect. The SNAPR is a great solution that lets me get to the camera quickly, that keeps the camera safe and protected and that is a bit styling (hey, you all know how hip and stylish I am).

Watch the video and see how it works (plus they sure know how to pick good-looking models for their videos!) 😉

BTW, I am not getting paid nor am I affiliated with Black Rapid, I just think the product is cool and useful and thought I would pass on the info. Cost is about $40-50 depending on where you buy. Of course I buy most everything from The Camera Store in Calgary

10 Responses to “The Perfect Little Camera Bag for Canon G-series Cameras”

  1. Mark Olwick Says:

    Or you could just get a Canon S95, which has the same sensor and a faster f2.0 lens and just put it in your pocket! 🙂

  2. I agree but I can not live without the tilt-swivel lens of the g-series camera

  3. “tilt-swivel lens”

    Wouldn’t THAT be nice! I think, though, you mean screen.

  4. Thanks Darwin, you got me to buy a G11, then the Cokin adapter for it, and now it looks like a new bag! Thanks for all the tips.

  5. Thanks for the heads up. Looks interesting although my wife already thinks I have a bag fetish….

    I find I carry my s95 around more because of it’s size and portability. I gave up trying to find a nice compact case for my G10. Nothing seemed to work.

  6. Cool little bag! I might have to spring for one for my G11. Thanks for the heads up!

  7. Thomas Smith Says:

    I too have been looking for a suitable bag for the G11 and G12, thanks for the tip. I have not found it on the Camera Store Website, please advise where you obtained your bag.
    Thomas Smith

  8. Peter McLean Says:

    Thanks Darwin, I think that I must have bought 4 or 5 different cases for my G11 – each one “recommended” but none really have worked well. I have just ordered the SNAPR from a UK distributor (luckily) and look forward to taking it on a trip with me this Friday. (PS Thanks for all your excellent G11 coverage and inspiration!!!)

  9. Peter McLean Says:

    Hey Darwin, I took your advice and bought a SNAPR bag for my G11 and took it ona trip to Tenerife last week. A BRILLIANT bag and thanks for the reccomendation!!

    Following my trip I also sent Black Rapid the suggestions that the little side pockets on each side of SNAPR should have “gussets” (expandable openings) at both ends of each pocket as the G11 spare battery and other bits and pieces do not that extra room. I also suggested they put another detachable mini “pocket” that could sit on the strap of the SNAPR to hold sunglasses, reading glasses etc and the odds and ends that you need on a warm day when you don’t want to wear lotsa clothes with pockets.

    Love all your and read them with pleasure – many thanks!!

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