The Battle of Beep and Bop

Samantha and I decided to have a little competition for this week’s Fabulous Film Friday. We grabbed our Holga cameras and a couple of rolls of 120 film and headed for Inglewood in Calgary. The rules were simple. Walk the streets for two hours and make images. We would then get the film developed and scan the negatives to display them here. There was no post-processing except for removing dust spots and a minor curve or colour correction to get the scan to be a good representation of the film image.

I thought I had this contest won before we even started. Hell, I have 25 years of experience with film – I doubt that Sam has shot 25 rolls of film in her life! And who showed Sam how to use a Holga? And who kept reminding her to take the lens cap off, to set the aperture to sunny or shade, and to always remember to focus the lens? This contest wouldn’t even be fair!  Loser vacuums for a month!!

Samantha: I have to admit, I was pretty intimidated when you were so…helpful.

Darwin: Except that I was so busy being charitable, that I forgot to check Bop for one critical setting.

Samantha: Right!  Tell our friends what that setting was, Darwin (grin grin).

Darwin: Well there is a shutter setting for normal (about 1/60th of a second) and then one for Bulb (where the shutter stays open as long as you hold down the shutter button).

Samantha: And what setting was Bop at for this bright sunny afternoon in downtown Calgary?

Darwin: Ummm… well… Bulb. I forgot to change the setting from last time I took pictures with Bop.

Samantha: Let’s go back to that part you were just saying about ‘professional photographer of 25 years’….

Darwin: Oh, you mean the part about the professional shooter of 25 years with a handful of washed out negs.  Actually I am surprised I even captured anything on those washed out negs, but I did manage to get a couple of shots with something there.

Samantha: Guess I didn’t need all that help after all, but thanks anyway.  So, do we call the contest yet or post a couple more results next week?

Darwin: I doubt a couple more results will save me, but sure, let’s do that.  I don’t want to vacuum for a month!

©Samantha Chrysanthou

©Samantha Chrysanthou

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

20 Responses to “The Battle of Beep and Bop”

  1. Gee Darwin, you might be getting along famously with the Hoover by this time next month, good thing February is a short month!

  2. Excellent… a lesson learned.. I went out on a night shoot last night without my timer cable release! It was only a half hour drive and an hours walk… cheers

  3. LOL! For some reason I knew Sam would win this! Darwin you should have had a couple of pints before offering to vacuum for a month!

  4. Too funny! GIRLS RULE! LOL

  5. What’s that saying:”Pride goeth before the fall”? Or something like that? But on the other hand, just because the photo isn’t “properly exposed” doesn’t mean it isn’t a good image. I rather like the ethereal nature of the two that Darwin posted. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be best friends with the Hoover for the next month, tho.

  6. I just couldn’t resist this: Is Samantha calling on God for help in the second photo?

  7. Ha-ha, awesome stuff, guys!!

  8. Uh-oh, Darwin got schooled! (Though I don’t mind the one with the window. Just got to claim it was intentional, that’s what a real perfessional does I think.)

  9. Darwin,

    I usually say that it’s not enough for an image to be blurry and overexposed to be called art (sorry for my english) but i think your first image posted here is the contest winner. She’s got something really magical. So Sam can go with the vacuum 🙂 Hum, i hope she won’t rant too loud about me …

  10. What can I say, I like the “white out” window shot the best. Seems like Sam kept her Holga warmer and because yours wasn’t as warm it caught the moment. Anyway, all good fun. You two are a great team so I recommend investing in a RoboVac or figuring out a way to get Brando to pull the vacuum around the house. ;^)

  11. Let’s try a comproise here to save both your relationship and your professional reputation ;o). As others have said I really like your first image, Darwin, the overexposure or let’s call it high key really makes that shot. I also like Sam’s first image. So how about a draw, you share the vacuming and Sam just laughs at you for the next month (she’d probably do that anyhow).

  12. Robin LAMB Says:

    Darwin, never mind, I’m always doing that! Forget to reset the settings. I think it’s old age!

  13. Great pics nevertheless. I especially love the window shot if I had to choose. Darwin, I think you should still do the vacuuming. After all, you’re the one with 25 years behind you… <:). Sam, for someone who doesn't have that 25 years, I firmly believe you did just as well. Just shows the caliber of your mentor as teacher.

    I hope you'll show us the rest of the shots you took.

  14. My favorite is your first one, Darwin. But the others are great too.

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  17. Hey anybody can take pics the regular way. Had to give her a chance didn’t you? I love the foggy window pic BTW. 🙂


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