Inspirations – Bounce by Ursula Abresch

© Ursula Abresch

Nikon D200 Sigma 150mm 1/6 sec @ f/3.5

“Bounce” was made as a study in lines, shapes and colours.  I photographed a set of paper strips in different colours, stappled and taped together at one end, fanned at the other, curved and placed in front of a computer screen.  I used a piece of white cardboard to throw light onto the front edges of the paper.  The screen provided background glow and light shining through the paper strips.  The room has two windows that provided natural light.

With the settings I used (almost fully open lens, very close to the subject), I had a very narrow field of sharpness to work with.  I aligned the camera/lens paralell to the plane of the paper strips, and made sure that the paper edges would be sharp while everything else would be thrown out of focus.  The difficult thing was to find a composition with this “flat” alignment that would, at the same time, create the illusion of the papers “coming at you” from the corner.  The curve of the papers was very important:  the papers are placed upside-down from the final image, that way I could use tape (not visible in the photo) to keep the papers in place.  The colour arrangement, from blue to warm and back to blue, helped to create the illusion.  I made sure the taped together point was in the corner.  The composition, the setup, everything was quite deliberate.  Most of my studio work is quite deliberate. ~Ursula Abresch


8 Responses to “Inspirations – Bounce by Ursula Abresch”

  1. Simplistically stunning, albeit not simple at all.

  2. Laura Knight Says:

    Ursula…this is fabulous. Very creative. Brillant.

  3. Fabulous image! Brava!

  4. davidbrugge Says:

    Very nice!

  5. José fangueiro Says:

    Encore une fois bravo pour ce fabuleux travail 😉

  6. oof. your image blows me away, and makes me want to rush over to my lightbox and try it. I think the simplest compliment I can say is: consider me inspired.

  7. One would never know HOW you made this amazingly creative shot! Just goes to show that it doesn’t take fancy equipment…just a great idea and the determination to get it right. Bravo!

  8. I thought it was made by photo editor!! I am so surprised that it’s simply made by paper and tape….your photos inspired me a lot ! Simple but creative ideas make a great photo….

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