Inspirations – I think, I’m a Dreamer by Ben Goossens

© Ben Goossens

To make this kind of image, you have to have 40 years of crazy experience. All my life I created my own landscapes or adapted them for the concept I had in mind. In fact I seldom leave home without a camera and when I see an interesting object or subject, I shoot and I’m already thinking about what I can or will do with it.

I rarely use or present a one shot image. I will always bring my “personal touch”….it’s a professional disease…lucky it doesn’t hurt too much. What I make now is a logic follow-up from what I did as an Art Director in advertising where surrealism was a source of inspiration for the national and international visual concepts. One object or subject can give me inspiration to add something else to create my personal image, in which I always try to tell MY story. Many call me the R. Magritte or Dali of photography–those “crazy surreal” images are already edited worldwide. Some hate them; others like them very much, so?

All images used are from my personal stock which is a culmination of 40 years of work—a full 1 TB hard drive. For this image the man was shot on the street. Once I had extracted him, I wanted to make him different and surreal. So I got rid of his face and did some airbrush technique to restore the collar and of course I needed it to be on a nature background. As I had no fitting background, I started with a grass shot and added two (2) fitting sky shots all from my stock. One of the sky images were added in overlay to create more movement and I also did a lot of color adjustment with PhotoShop. For the composition and depth, I added the birds and tree and created a shadow under the tree, making sure the birds started from his eyes. Once all in place and color adjusted, I added a texture layer, on blending mode soft light, to give it a painterly feeling. On a new layer, I painted with the airbrush tool, some soft colors and reduced the layer opacity till satisfied.

This image is my “avatar image” because that’s how feel and how I had to be in my profession as an Art Director. ~Ben Goossens


5 Responses to “Inspirations – I think, I’m a Dreamer by Ben Goossens”

  1. Just flipped through your homepage; that´s real artwork, not just photography! Great crazy stuff!

  2. Oh, it’s nice stuff alright. But I prefer to think of it as “real artwork”, just LIKE photography.

  3. Belgian surrealism at it’s best!

  4. Very Magritte, yes. And awesome as well. Lovely.

  5. Sorry, it’s art work, NOT photography. Before Photoshop he would have used an exacto knife and glue. It’s called a collage, not a photograph.

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