Off to the Winter Photo Tours

I am headed off to do the last of this year’s winter photo tours at the Aurum Lodge. This time both Samantha and Brando (the dog) get to come with me. I hope I can keep Sam from biting the participants 😉

For those who wish to come to photograph Abraham Lake be warned of the incessant wind there. I was making some images with my G11 on Abraham Lake (see photo below) this past January and I thought it would be neat to make a video showing me by the ice block you see in the first picture below. I let go of the tripod and walked around to get in the front of the camera. The instant I let go of the tripod, the camera and tripod was blown across the ice. I had to run to retrieve it as you’ll see in the video. That wind can be nasty! The second video is a typical day at Abraham Lake so hang on to your gear and hunker down low to get use able photos.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon G11

Back in January of 2009, I was out on Abraham Lake on an extra windy day making the photo you see below. I thought I would make a little video with the Canon G9 to show how windy it was and you see that result in the next video (I look a little cold eh?). The video after my self-portrait shows how strong the winds can get as we see Kelly Funk trying to stand upright on the ice of Abraham. C’mon Kelly you can do it!


©Darwin Wiggett




12 Responses to “Off to the Winter Photo Tours”

  1. Wow…….. Maybe I’ll go get some of those crampons….. wow…. that’s a lot of wind. See you in a week!

  2. Just hope that the ice doesn’t break 🙂

  3. It looks wonderful! What was the temp when factoring in the wind chill?

  4. the last video gives an idea of how windy it was.
    The Images have come out very nice. Hardwork always pays off at the end, you just proved it,

  5. Looks awesome! But scary…

  6. Ha ha, crazy! What an amazing place, would love to go there. The pebbles under the ice look great. I would have thought that adding an ND to the front would cause the camera to shake more. Do you have issues with keeping those images sharp?

  7. Hello Darwin,
    this location looks amazing, the sky is pretty gloomy, wow!! What an impressive wind here, stunning hehe. Please, what is the graduated filter on the camera ? Thanks 🙂

  8. Ice is ALWAYS Fun!!! You know what I mean Darwin!

  9. Those crampons are really useful.

    I was shooting the back side of the Windows in Arches NP last year and the wind was strong enough to blow my camera and tripod over – luckily I caught it before it hit the sand or I’d still be trying to clean it out. Another lesson learned.

  10. The dull gray of the video clips versus the finished photo is striking. I’ve got to get one of those gold ‘n blue polarizers.

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