Fabulous Film Fridays – February 25, 2011

Head on over to Sam’s blog for the final results of the Battle of Beep and Bop. Sam is still all smug about my small mistake with my Holga camera. I do not call it a mistake, I call it a ‘decision’ for art’s sake. We’ve decided to let you vote for the winner — and the  best vote explanation receives one of our Visual Wilderness eBooks!  So make sure you drop by and explain why either Beep (Sam) or Bop (me) should win the battle. And be kind to me, I am sensitive!


Samantha demonstrating proper Holga shooting technique


4 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – February 25, 2011”

  1. I think it’s enough to explain why Bop should win …

  2. “I do not call it a mistake, I call it a ‘decision’ for art’s sake.”

    Got to remember that one for the next picture critique 😀

  3. Hey Darwin, your first image would have been fantastic had you not spray painted the front of the lens with a thin coat of white Rustoleum.

  4. Darwin, I really like (most) of your photography…. But I’m going to go with a win for Sam on this one!

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