Inspirations – Michael Gordon

© Michael Gordon

Chamonix 4X5″ view camera; 200mm lens; Ilford Delta 100

 I found this small section of dune – approximately 20′ wide by 15′ deep – shortly after sunrise on Death Valley NP’s Eureka Dunes on a frigid January morning this year. Much of the dunes were frosted or frozen, so the walking was easy to this exposed ridgetop site. Arising well before the sun to make the 2+ mile walk to this location, I caught this backlit ‘decisive moment’ and wasted no time setting up the camera. By the time I was done and packing – a short 10 minutes or so later – the sun had transited far enough so as to render this composition nearly impossible to see. ~Michael Gordon 


8 Responses to “Inspirations – Michael Gordon”

  1. Simply beautiful shot full of life and light. It looks almost like fabric draped effortlessly. Well done!

  2. Michael is a talented photographer and has a wealth of knowledge about photography to share. Great photograph. Nicely done.

  3. That is a beautiful image.

  4. Hey Darwin

    This is a killer shot, I hadn’t seen it before. Thanks for posting. MG is a great photographer.



  5. dear Photographer darwin wiggett:
    I am from china.I am keeping browse your blog for a long time.Because of my poor English,i’m hardly to post my responses.
    I want to ask you a question.if i buy a camera which is easy to carry on.Don’t consider the G12,sigma dp1x,Lumix DMC-GF2 ,which one is the best.
    I am eager to get your suggestions.
    best regards

  6. Beautiful light and texture Michael. Eureka Dunes are one of the hidden gems of Death Valley.

  7. Toni Aull Says:


  8. THANK YOU for featuring my photograph, Darwin, and THANKS for the comments all!

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