February Winter Tour Results – Dan Marston

Below are Dan Marston’s results from our frigid February winter tour to the Canadian Rockies. It was this tour that resulted in frost-bite, a car accident and broken cable releases (be sure to check out Sam’s rant against Nikon on this latter point). Dan was a good sport and enthusiastic photographer in spite of the cold. Good job Dan!

©Dan Marston

©Dan Marston

©Dan Marston

©Dan Marston

©Dan Marston

©Darwin Wiggett


3 Responses to “February Winter Tour Results – Dan Marston”

  1. Great job Dan. I really like the 4th one down, it’s got some great leading lines.

  2. Über-spectacular images! — Marilyn

  3. These are beautiful images, particularly the first two and those that have less of the HDR look, in my opinion. It even looks cold in the photographs. Great work. Brrrrrr.

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