February Winter Tour Results – Marion Faria

Marion Faria was back for her fourth photo tour, this time during the coldest winter photo tour on record! In spite of the frigid and difficult shooting conditions, Marion preserved to make another batch of outstanding images! See more Marion’s images from the tour here.

©Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

©Marion Faria

9 Responses to “February Winter Tour Results – Marion Faria”

  1. Outstanding images! Love the wide-angle view of the ice cliff, pretty amazing!

  2. Hi Marion,

    Great images! Congratulations. I heard about your battle with the cold.


  3. Wow! Like the effects in the first photo and the fish-eye (?) in the last two. The reflection in the broken glass really takes it up a notch. Would that ice wall be Cresent Falls by any chance?

  4. Top two images are fantastic! Yes, and that fisheye shot – wondeful!

  5. Lynn Smith Says:

    All great images, I like the fish eye. The broken glass is exceptional.

  6. Love the sunrise on the Mountain peak at your zenfolio link. Great work!

  7. […] February Winter Tour Results by Marion Faria at Life and Learning Through the Lens […]

  8. I’m not certain if that’s Crescent Falls, but I remember Darwin calling that area Isaac’s Wet Dream

  9. The fisheye lens produced an interesting perspective on some of those landscapes. I particularly liked the waterfall shot.

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