February Winter Tour Results – Veronica Barrett

Below are the results for the February tour from Veronica Barrett who along with her husband Alan stayed for two tours back-to-back and lived to survive to tell about both adventures! Stay tuned for her great photos from the March tour as well in a future post.

©Veronica Barrett

©Veronica Barrett

©Veronica Barrett

©Veronica Barrett

©Veronica Barrett

©Veronica Barrett


13 Responses to “February Winter Tour Results – Veronica Barrett”

  1. fantastic pictures!

  2. very strong compositions; amazing captures in a challenging (read: crushing) environment.

  3. Great images. I am extremely impressed by the talented photographers that go on your tours. Love the locations and the light. Know conditions must be tough but wow extremely worth the effort. Cheers

  4. Those are really great intimate landscapes, very different from what you would expect to bring home from a trip to the Canadian Rockies (i.e. big [& “easy”] trophy shots) – I am impressed.

  5. Richard Harrison Says:

    Lovely photos, very creative.

  6. Gladys Donovan Says:

    Wonderful pictures, very inspiring and inovative.

  7. Great shots, Roni! It was nice meeting you and Alan and I look forward to seeing more of your fine work!

  8. Those top two are stunning.

    I can’t help but see the face of a whale in the body of water (or the large blue area?) in the second one down – the eye being that circular formation in the water. Neat.


  9. I was trying to figure out who Veronica was then I saw the last two photos, “Oh, Ronie!”

    Great photos, hope your fingers are loosing their electric feeling. I especially love the second from the bottom, excellent composition.


  10. That first image just blows me away…it is a photograph not unlike VanGogh’s “Starry Night”…everytime I look at it, that painting comes to mind..
    beautiful work..

  11. Claude Kauffmann Says:

    Fantastic Pictures! Have never seen anything like that!

  12. Lynn Smith Says:

    all great images, very creative work. I like your sense of colour.

  13. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments – my fingers are still a bit sore as the blisters have flaked away and left them a bit tender but it’s a good sign and I can now feel the keyboard again! Those two tours were magic and I learned so much – thanks to Darwin and Sam. The groups were really great too. Have just ordered myself a pair of thin(ish)gloves which have ceramic powder in their construction. It’s supposed to absorb the body heat and keep the fingers warm….they should arrive tomorrow so I can use them in the Rockies during our Autumn trip later this year.

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