February Winter Tour Results – Alan Barrett

Below are Alan Barrett’s lovely images from the February winter tour. Alan was on both the February and March tours so expect another post shortly. Alan also shot the entire photo tour with just one camera, a Canon G11. It’s not the camera… its the photographer who makes the photos as we can see here.

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett

©Alan Barrett



7 Responses to “February Winter Tour Results – Alan Barrett”

  1. Rich Besser Says:

    Great shots. I especially like the first one. Why does the ice in the Canadian Rockies seem so striking compared to other places?

    This shot almost gives a vertigo inducing sense of being there myself.

  2. Great shots, Alan… congratulations. I really like the bigness of the first and last ones. Hope you’ve recovered from the bitter cold!

  3. Beautiful shots that little g11 sure can perform in the right hands . This is probably a dumb question but are these HDR shots they don’t look it ,but the quality of the light looks amazing up there . I wish I could post process my shots as well as this .

  4. Lynn Smith Says:

    Great images Alan , I love how you caught the light from the sky on the ice. Every image is unique in its self.

  5. Lynn Smith Says:

    Great images Alan, All are very unique. I love how the light hits the ice form the sky.

  6. Nicely done Alan. It was a pleasure meeting you and Roni, hope you guys had a nice warm and cozy flight home!

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