How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Website is now Live

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After a few months of work and planning I am happy to announce that my new website How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies is now alive and kicking. The site is based on my best-selling book of the same name which is now out of print and way over-priced on the used book market (prices will now drop because the eBooks have much more information than the original book). I am launching the new site starting with two eBooks both covering the Icefields Parkway; but in different seasons. Ultimately I will feature eBooks on all the national and provincial parks in the Canadian Rockies.

Each eBook is designed to get you to the most photogenic places in the Canadian Rockies in the best light and the right season. These eBooks are fully updated with new information and contain new locations, GPS data, and tips and techniques for each stop. All the iconic spots are included but I have also included lesser known but stunning ‘secret stops’ as well. This is going to sound like ad copy but if you plan to visit the Canadian Rockies these eBooks are  “must-have” companion photographic travel guide. The original book was highly regarded and got great reviews; the eBooks are even better in my opinion. Drop by the new website and check things out!

I want to thank Stephen Desroches for his amazing talents at design. Not only did he do a stunning job on the eBooks, he also built and designed the website. I am humbled by Stephen’s skills, attitude and professionalism. Thanks Stephen for a job above and beyond!


18 Responses to “How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies Website is now Live”

  1. Well, I was going to edit some photos from the March tour today but now I’m stuck reading everything on this new website for the day, thanks Darwin…

    Looks great so far! Can’t wait for the Jasper 4 seasons book. Thanks for sharing all your secret spots for us.

  2. Love the original book and have just downloaded the Icefields Parkway eBooks. They came out just in time. I’m teaching a class on Photographic Creativity on Saturday in Calgary and will highly recommend them to the class.

  3. Instant bookmark! Great job Darwin!!!
    Your original – and signed – little book is still a reference.
    Thank you so much for all the time and effort you have put into this project.

  4. …so beautiful images…full of energy !
    I love these 2 ebooks!
    Greetings from France 😉

  5. Its about time ! just kidding , cant wait to download them. Earl and I were right about the ” secret spots “.


  6. majchrowicz Says:

    Very cool Darwin.

  7. Mike Kapiczowski Says:

    Thanks Darwin. I have used your original book a lot. It is always in the car or pack beside Patton’s trail guide when I visit the parks. Without it I don’t think I would have found one of my favorite spots to spend hours shooting -Horseshoe Lk. I always thought it was way too short of hike and too close to the highway to be bothered stopping at.
    Mike from Sundre

  8. Congrats Darwin, it’s great to see it all come together! I think many people will find these books to be a must-have. I still have the original but it’s pretty much worn out… guess I will have to get the new ones!

  9. Congrats! I own the book and think it’s the best guide book ever, so I am really looking forward to reading these e-books!

  10. Your How To Photograph the Canadian Rockies was the first photography book I even bought and is the reason I shoot today. I still have my copy and have carried it with me on both trips to the Canadian Rockies. I was disappointed when it when out of print. Great idea making the ebooks.

  11. That book inspired me to take photography more serious and take my first tour with you! One of my most important books, pure gem if you live here or visit the area.

  12. Hi Darwin

    I just downloaded The Icefields Parkway ebook. Now I have to make some time to read through all the great information.

    Can’t wait for the other two! Any chance you’ll have them both done before September?


  13. Paul Saunders Says:

    Brilliant for getting these out Darwin, will be downloading very soon and can’t wait to get reading. Any idea if the Banff and Jasper eBooks will be out before my first trip to the Rockies in May?
    Love the Blog…

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