Inspirations – Ralf Greiner

© Ralf Greiner

This was taken at the Schauinsland, which is a mountain near Freiburg in January 2009. The special mood in this image comes through the fact that there was fog coming up from the rhine valley and furthermore in the same moment was a very special cloud formation in the sky . It was really breath taking! And in this moment you can feel the silence of this place filling up your own soul…a really wonderful experience! ~Ralf Greiner

5 Responses to “Inspirations – Ralf Greiner”

  1. Anil Sud Says:

    A breath-taking shot indeed!

  2. Incredible and thought provoking. Can feel the loneliness here and the artistic display of nature as all elements come together. Beautiful gallery Ralf….love your eye and pp talents.

  3. You can indeed feel it , can’t you .

  4. That’s hilarious, I know exactly where this image was taken, it used to be right outside my back door. I think I might even have a shot of those guys on my homepage as well (very different from this one).
    That said this is a really nice shot of the Windbuchen. It looks much wilder in the image than it is in actuality. Great job!

  5. Amazing shot. The pure definition of ‘stillness’…

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