Fabulous Film Fridays – March 25

This week Samantha is hosting Fabulous Film Fridays over at her blog. Check out her comparisons of cityscapes she took with Beep her Holga versus images she made with the Canon G11. She makes the point that as artists we should know our tools and select the appropriate one to create the mood we want in our images. The Holga and the G11 are very different paintbrushes and the images painted with these brushes are as varied as the artists William Turner and Robert Bateman.

Speaking of brushes, I made the image below with Gail, a Fuji GA645 medium format ‘point-n-shoot’ film camera using Fujicolor Reala  100 ISO print film. The cool thing about this camera is that when shot in tight on a subject and when using an aperture of f4, you get a nice thin slice of focus (f4 on medium format gives a way smaller slice of focus than f4 on a dSLR). The larger the film or sensor on a camera, the smaller the slice of focus at a given aperture.

©Darwin Wiggett - Old car, Kootenay Plains, Alberta

One Response to “Fabulous Film Fridays – March 25”

  1. Darwin, I have to give my vote to Gail…I have really enjoyed your little film challenges. It inspired me to look further into the world of M42 manual prime lenses. Fairly cheap, an easily available adapter and you’re off shooting. I recently picked up a Fujinon 55mm f/1.8 at a pawn shop for $20USD that is pristine. Slight learning curve to get my eye adjusted, but I swear the darn thing is sharper than any other lens I have! It’s quite a challenge to focus on a landscape at dawn with the lens stopped down to f/16…(-:

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