Spring and Renewal

It has been a long cold winter but things are finally starting to change around here. Photographers are planning outdoor adventures, travel destinations are being researched, cameras are dusted off, shutter fingers are itchy. Time to get out and refresh your creative eye!

If you need a little help or motivation then you might want to consider one of the on-line courses that Samantha and I give over at Nature Photographers Online Magazine. Here you can learn about the The Essentials of Digital Landscape Photography – Part 1: Field Techniques or about Learning to “Speak” the Language of Visual Expression. In these six week courses you get one lesson per week with an assignment. Post your assignment results for critique by the instructor (that’s one of us!). You also get six week access to us to ask your burning photography questions or to get your non-assignment images reviewed (we are your slaves but we don’t do windows… or toilets). The more you put into the course, the more you get out of it. So if you are serious about getting better in photography then consider one of these courses (mine is about learning how to use your gear to express yourself,;Sam’s is about learning more how to hone your vision for personal expression). Both courses start April 1st (no foolin’!). Cost is $295 ($275 for NPN members). Have a great spring!

©Darwin Wiggett

8 Responses to “Spring and Renewal”

  1. Flowers are popping up and trees are starting to leaf out here in the PNW.

  2. Nice shot, Darwin.

  3. The tulips started popping up through the snow on Friday here in Barrie ON. In the woods, the birds and small animals are getting a lot more active. Lots of fresh tracks in the snow.

  4. THis might be a stupid question but how much time investment is needed to take these online courses? Ie. Can the lesson be taken at a time convenient to the student? How long is the lesson?

    Reason I am asking is because I work retail and my schedule is all over the place and hard for me to book the same day off every week especially if it is weekends.

    The courses look very interesting.

    Thanks in advance for your response.

    • You get a new lesson every Friday via a post on an internert forum. Read the lesson and then do the assignment that comes with lesson. You have one week to do the assignment and post the result on the forum where I critique your work. You can ask questions at anytime on the classroom forum and you can get non-assignment images critiqued as well. So within each week you can work at your own pace and post at your convenience, hope that helps


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