The World’s Most Popular Camera – the iPhone?

I am so behind the times. I have a cell phone but I never use it (no it isn’t an iPhone;  it’s old, and heavy and still has a rotary dial  and a cord that plugs into a phone jack 😉

I have never sent a text message in my life — I don’t know how. Besides when I leave the office I do not want to be connected to the net or to anyone really; I just want to immerse myself in nature. Plus everywhere I like to go there is no cell coverage, so what is the point of a phone?

But everybody I know has an iPhone, an iPad, and an iDog and an app that walks the iDog. I feel left out.

I was surprised to learn that the iPhone is the most popular camera on earth. What the heck, I thought it was a phone not a camera! For those who love the iPhone check out the geekaphone blog links below — interesting stuff!

Six Articles on the iPhone Photography Series:

14 Responses to “The World’s Most Popular Camera – the iPhone?”

  1. Eh eh You are right and even over here, in Italy, they all (almost) think in term of iXxxxxxx but the iDog has not arrived yet eh eh…

  2. …and you might be better off because of it. Shiny new technology does crazy things to people and has them waiting in long lines for the release of a new product that will still be available tomorrow.

    I traded my antique of a phone in just this past winter and jumped on the iPhone bandwagon. I rarely use it as a phone and my thought that it would replace my G10 proved to be wrong but I do like having access to email and google for immediate answers. That being said, gps and location findings have been it’s primary use. Apps that track the moon and sun, a compass, a tides monitor, weather and lately the photographer’s ephemeris have been fun to play with.

    oh, and if you own an iPhone and don’t have dropbox ( installed on it, you’re missing out 😉 Access files from your home computer anywhere.

    • Stephen I can see all the advantages you talk about especially the GPS, compass, weather, telling me where the best beer is etc… maybe they will build this stuff into cameras, I mean c’mon how cool would that be? I take a camera everywhere but not a phone. I hate talking on a phone, one of my phobias (but I talk to my camera all the time 😉


  3. Ditto! Darwin.
    I recently moved and had to update my old phone. I still do not text, nor do I have a phone with all the bells and whistles or a camera. Keep it simple. I save all the new-fangled technology for my office and my camera is still my Canon. 🙂

  4. The best beer part works for me!

    And Darwin you might actually be surprised with the coverage in the mountains! Every time i go into the Rockies I think well there is no point in keeping this thing on as I won’t get a signal…then I look at it and low and behold I have a signal! That being said I am sure there are still lots of places in the mountains that there is no signal.

    I wish Canon would get on board with the GPS thing…that would be very helpful!

  5. Good on ya! I wish more people had the “pick and choose” approach to technology. I bet if Jobs put the Apple logo on a rock and sold it as the iRock there would be people lined up outside Apple stores waiting for one. Technology can be wonderful and enrich our time limited experience on this planet but just because you can do something doesn’t always mean you should. We need to indicidually make the decision whether a product is something we want in our life. Some things we’ll buy into, others we’ll pass on.

  6. I love my iPhone but still prefer to take photos with the G11.

  7. I use the blackberry. Great use of getting in touch, ( emails on the road) yes I get all yours and Sam’s blog updates on the road) Great for the grandkids when taking them on an outing!.

  8. Darwin, you crack me up! When I read about the iDog and the app to walk the iDog I almost burst out laughing.

    Seriously though, although I don’t have an iPhone I do have an Android phone and I do use it for photography. I found it to be an incredible amount of fun. The photos aren’t the highest quality but I have made 8×8″ prints and they look ok. I posted a few photos on my blog recently if anyone is interested:

    The few other things I use my phone for are: checking the weather, time of sunrise & sunset, maps, and I know there is an iPhone version of the Photographers Ephemeris that I’d like to get as soon as they release an Android version. Lastly, I store and view a few pdf’s on my phone including my camera and flash manuals and Darwin’s new How to photograph the Canadian Rockies eBooks ( 🙂

    One of the other, other things I use my phone for is watching videos while working out at the gym. I enjoy the photography shows from – Fine Art Photography Weekly and Photo Espresso. Right now I’m actually watching episode 10 of Photo Espresso where Darwin and Sam talk about Photographic Workshops and Tours ( 🙂

    I think what I use the phone least for is for making phone calls. Like you Darwin, I have a serious phone phobia. I just hate talking on the phone. At work, I’d rather get up and walk across the entire building to go to talk to someone rather than pick up the phone and call them.

  9. I’m the same way Darwin.
    the cells was costing me $100 month–$1200 yr–$12,000 every 10yrs–
    so no more cell phone– use money for other things.

    I have been reading Thom Hogan’s website a lot lately and the reference’s there to the cell phone and mirrorless camera’s being the big market for the camera companies. the technology in camera’s is compared to the way computers are. why upgrade to the latest greatest unless its really that much better. Camera technology is getting very advanced. the market will only grow so much for the companies with traditional equipment. however the cell phone camera market has a huge potential.
    money is the bottom line for the camera companies and RD money goes where the return benefits the most.
    it will be interesting what the world looks like camera technologies wise in a few years.

    thanks for the informative blog article !

  10. For quick, on the go, snapshots, I really like the iPhone camera. What really makes it cool, however, are a few apps that takeover and enhance the basic camera app’s functionality. A few faves are: Pano (does a great job of stitching multiple shots into a panorama); Camera+ (adds some basic PnS features, including the ability to zoom); Hipstamatic (offers different “film” types for stylized and/or vintage looks); ProHDR (expands on the iPhone new native HDR functionality by add control fearures like brightness, contrast, etc.). Pretty amazing stuff considering the camera is just one part of what makes up an iPhone. That said, it ain’t even a contender with my G11–but I like it a lot nonetheless.

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