Inspirations – Bruce Percy

© Bruce Percy

Shot hand held, 45mm (equivalent of 90mm), with IS switched on, no grads, no tripod

I spent a weekend in Torridon with a very nice group of guys on a weekend workshop. As usual, we packed in a lot over the short duration we had together, and at one point, I was able to make an image myself (Lumix GF1, 14-45 lens, hand held, no grads, no tripod – just a moment in between chasing after my clients! – you can probably spot one of my major influences in this shot).

I concentrated on giving everyone on the trip some guidance, but by the time we got to Loch Maree on Saturday evening, everyone seemed to have the brief in hand and had scattered to the four winds, leaving me on my own to watch the rain come in over Slioch for a few minutes.

The beauty of an image is often in its simplicity. Either by isolation of tone, or by isolation due to atmospheric conditions. In this photograph the backdrop of Slioch had been mostly obliterated by the rain coming in. What most folks on my workshops discover is that rain is no bad thing. Often the best images are created on the edge of a weather front, and I’ve yet to have a camera fail – weather sealing or not. ~ Bruce Percy


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Bruce Percy”

  1. This is photography I LOVE! Beautiful shot!

  2. Bruce’s work is truly distinctive. I’ve been on a couple of his workshops in Scotland and he is a great inspiration.

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