Serious Photographers

It seems some photographers just take themselves a little too seriously… check out this guy below — yikes!

If you want to learn more about how this ‘world traveler’ does photography (in his backyard) then come on out this weekend to The Complete Photo with Samantha and me for some  instruction on the art of photography and a few chuckles as well. Thanks to Sam for making this fun little video!


27 Responses to “Serious Photographers”

  1. Love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    was there any beer with lunch ! LOL

  2. LOL. I guess you too are bored with winter!

  3. A good giggle today…it’s nice to see Canadians taking themselves serious!

  4. You guys are too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

  5. Don’t the best pictures come from your own back yard?

  6. Martin Rogers Says:

    Hilarious. I love it.

  7. I love it! Gimmie more!

  8. I bet this was directed at Peter Lik. Check out the promos for his show on the weather channel. He does takes himself very seriously.

  9. That’s funny! I know some godly photogs out there. You need an echo when you say God in the video. Well, I spend no less then 200 and 1 days out a year! LOL.

  10. Great stuff… Keep on living the dream!

  11. Huzzah dude! RAWK, shots and a hot lunch dished up by your hottie! Teh na na na! 😉

  12. I can’t believe you asked “what’s for lunch”? Don’t you eat SpaghettiOs everyday!

  13. ROFL 😀 did you change your style to macro photography? ha ha

  14. Looked like a great pilot episode! Can’t wait for the series to start! 😉

  15. LOVE IT! LOL
    LOVE IT.

  16. Just wondering, did Sam let you put a card in your camera that day, or was that just idle clicking? 😉

  17. That was too funny and so true! Thanks for the laugh!

  18. I think we all want to know, what WAS for lunch? Such a cliffhanger!

  19. c’mon, man, this video is a total crock.

    LUNCH? You were shooting at mid-day? GEESH!

  20. fantastic!!!
    but, Darwin, i think sometimes it´s true, je, je.
    i work with a photostock library and i have photos of Thailand, Paris, Santorini, Angkor, Rome, …with them.
    But i think majority of my sales are photos made within a radius of 100km of my home…, je.

    Congrats for your blog, photos,…. and for your humouristics videos. I love it!!

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