Fabulous Film Fridays – April 15

Below is a small selection of recent photos from Bop (the Holga). All the images were shot on colour negative film (Fuji Reala 100). I scanned the film into digital form using my Imacon film scanner. The gas pump was a straight scan of the colour negative. The other images I scanned as gray scale images and applied a slight toning effect in the scanner. I felt the quality of the Holga captures (soft dreamy edges, vignetting, old fashioned feel) was enhanced by removing the colour information — the results match better the way the world looked to me when viewed through Bop’s crappy plastic viewfinder.

©Darwin Wiggett - Gas pump, Johnston Canyon, Banff National Park

©Darwin Wiggett - Photographers at the Columbia Icefields

©Darwin Wiggett - The Icefields Parkway, Jasper National Park

©Darwin Wiggett - Aspen trees, Banff National Park

©Darwin Wiggett - Frosted Trees, Cochrane, Alberta


14 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – April 15”

  1. I’m surprised how sharp these are. If I think of holgas I think of softer images like these.
    I really like the Aspen trees photo. Lots of detail in the composition. I’m sure it took you some time. Beautiful how those 2 trees in the middle capture 2 more trees in the background.

  2. Well Darwin, I’m learning from you, I must say, Thank You !
    your website and blog have been a treasure to learn from.
    I really enjoy the gas pump in snow and guard rail vanishing point landscape.
    the tree shot is spectacular, you nailed that one for sure !
    Evan Spellman

  3. Great set of images Darwin and the Aspen trees shot is just killer!

  4. This may be a stupid question, why are all the shots in square format? Did you crop them or is that the format of the film?

  5. Some fine shots with the Holga! I love the “natural” vignetting. The gas pump shot is my fave of the bunch–not because it’s in color, but because I have a fondness for vintage stuff. The red against the snow is pretty striking though.

  6. I think the second from last image is my favorite.

  7. Love the Aspen photo Darwin! Who’s that good looking photog in the second photo? I think he makes the shot.

    • I know that guy was so hot he was melting all the snow around him!


      • Ha ha, good one. It was pretty warm that day. I do enjoy that photo quite a bit. The way the path, the photogs and the mountains in the back all seem to line up. I would of never seen that. I think ill be emailing you about a print for that one.

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