The Weekly Photo – April 25

Well, there are no flowers around here yet so I dug up this image from my archives taken in Skagit Valley, Washington many years ago. This image is a triple exposure on Fujichrome Velvia 50 slide film. I used my Canon 300mm f4lLlens at f4 and made three exposures on one frame of film. For each exposure I focused on a different line of flowers and so the result is a dreamy-looking image with different areas of sharp focus. To get this result in camera was a thrill and over the years this image has been a popular seller.

©Darwin Wiggett


8 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – April 25”

  1. Nice! Love the range of colours.

  2. Really great pic, love the depth 🙂

  3. Kieran Hamilton Says:

    That is a beautiful picture, brilliant colours!

  4. Beautiful image, Darwin. The colors are so beautifully saturated.

    Much like the Orton Effect.

  5. Beautiful, Darwin. Aren’t ya glad you didn’t have to plant them?? 😉

  6. Love the arrangement of colours in the comp. Very cool!

  7. Elmien Wingert Says:

    I think this is absolutely beautiful.

  8. A beautiful dreamy image Darwin. Great technique from the pre digital era. If this was taken today it could be tagged as photoshopped (not that I would) – it just goes to show what is possible without Photoshop.

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