Fabulous Film Fridays – May 6, 2011

This week Samantha took Tachihara Tim out for a spring outing. This lovely 4×5 field camera is a beauty to behold. Sam is learning to use the filed camera and the best way to learn the tilts, shifts, and focus is to play with instant film (Fuji Instant Color Film – FP100c45) which gives you immediate feedback – well feedback in 90 seconds or so anyway. This film is Fuji’s version of ‘Polaroid-like’ instant film). Once you get a good exposure on the Fuji Instant Film, then you pop in real film (like Fujichrome Velvia silde film) and make an image. Except someone (namely a balding person of the male persuasion) forgot a critical accessory needed to make a film image — the film holder.  D’ oh!.

Oh well… missing brain cells aside head on over to Sam’s blog to see what she got with the instant film.

Samantha and Tachihara Tim

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