Inspirations – Frozen Pond by Chip Phillips

© Chip Phillips

Canon 5D Mark II & Canon 70-200 F4 L lens with polarizer
Single Exposure at ISO 160, 81mm, F18, 1/5 sec

I passed by this pond twice, looking back each time and decided I just had to stop.  The pond was in shadow on a windy bright day just outside of the town of Jasper.  These silvery tree trunks caught my eye, along with the interesting curves in the ice.  I shot for as long as I could take it in the heavy wind trying out many different comps.  I liked a few, and this one stuck out to me most.  I liked the gentle curves in the ice and the interplay with the twigs throughout the image.  The image had a painterly, diffused look that I could see even on the LCD, which made me pretty excited to get to it in my digital dark room.  I processed it with the attempt to retain this look.  ~ Chip Phillips


9 Responses to “Inspirations – Frozen Pond by Chip Phillips”

  1. Absolutely stunning!

  2. awesome tones and color, soothing and sharp to the eyes at the same time;) helluva peice of work!

  3. It’s ethereal how the trunks appear to be lit from beneath.

  4. Fantastic image! The glowing reflections give it a surreal quality. Kudos!!

  5. Really beautiful – subtle, ethereal, & stunning!

    Thanks for this, Darwin & Chip – first time I’ve seen Chip’s work!

    – Jack

  6. I love this image! Love the reflections and balance within the image!

  7. WOW! I like the dreamy effect.

  8. Absolutely stunning – this has a lovely flow through the frame and the light and processing look spot on. I imagine it would look fantastic as a really large print.

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