Painting with Time

Samantha and I have a new article up on the Singh-Ray blog about using ND filters to “Paint with Time“. Check it out if you are interested in creating images with swirls and blurs of motion. Click on the photo to see a larger version of the image.

©Darwin Wiggett


7 Responses to “Painting with Time”

  1. Toni Aull Says:

    Doing a Great Job Guys!!
    Passion is Awesome in This Photo

  2. This is awesome! Well written, simple, full of useful information.

  3. fotofocus Says:

    Those are great tips. Thanks.

  4. aswirly Says:

    Awesome! Such a beautiful effect…

  5. Wow this is beautiful.

  6. You certainly like that car, Darwin :).

  7. Love that effect.

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