Fabulous Film Fridays – May 20

This week Samantha used her Nikon FE and did some cool macro shots of plant leaves using Ilford XP-2 400 B+W film. The results are very different from what digital would give you and the sand-like grain is lovely (and would be hard to fake in Photoshop). Like any tool, this film has its own unique signature. Sure you can try and fake it but why would you? That’s like taking a digital file and running it through a Holga software plug-in. It just ain’t the same as using a Holga. When I see a live band I want a human drummer not a drum machine. Sure the drum machine has more precise rhythm but where’s the personality? I want real; fake is just too plentiful in the world already.

Check out this week’s photos on Sam’s Blog

2 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – May 20”

  1. Darwin, I think you have a very valid point here, and maybe I’m reading too much into it, but it almost sounds like you are saying the work that artists are producing using the technology at hand is “faking it”. I used to shoot film and I miss being able to be creative with those tools, but cost became a real issue for me. Now with digital, I do try to simulate the process of film, not because I think it’s better, but because I can’t afford both sets of tools. I don’t think you are wrong, I just think a true artist uses the tools they have on hand. You can build a house with a hammer or you can use a nail gun. Either way a house is the goal, how you make that happen shouldn’t matter if the work is true to itself. I used to hate digital, but lately I’ve learned to work within it’s limitations to create what I feel I would have created if I still worked with film.
    I respect your work and words so please don’t take offense.


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