Why I’ll Never Be an Actor

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Some of you may have seen the goofy video that Samantha and I made called “Six Silly Uses of the UV Filter“.  That video is below if you haven’t  suffered through it yet. You wouldn’t believe hard hard it was for me to make that video (or if you know me, you might not be surprised at all). It seems I just couldn’t and still can’t memorize lines. So much for my acting career…. Oh well, check out the blooper video below and watch me stumble over and over and over again. I may not be able to act but at least I am having fun – I think. Be aware there is a bit of cursing involved (I seem to remember how to say those words perfectly well!). And of course Samantha was flawless (well almost).


12 Responses to “Why I’ll Never Be an Actor”

  1. Thanks for the laughs !

  2. Out takes are hilarious…. Was giggling behind my mac at work….

  3. Great video!

    The discount code doesn’t work Darwin. When you update the cart it says the code has expired?

  4. very very funny u had me crying in laughter

  5. No wonder you guys are always so busy!

  6. Wow, Darwin, you suck! Funny bloopers, but you’re increasing the production time exponentially! Maybe some acting lessons will help. ;^)

  7. I agree that UV filters don’t help the IQ any, but I’ve had the unpleasant situation where several expensive lenses fell out of a backpack onto concrete and the UV filters, while cracked and broken, kept the lens elements from being damaged. So I’m a believer– they saved my lenses!

    Great video though!

    • The same thing would happen with our system. We have a filter holder and a polarizer on our lenses at all times; if the lens fell, the filter is more protected than with a UV filter (I saw this exact thing happen this weekend on a photo tour, the holder and polarizer saved the lens). Do what ever works for you… your mileage may vary.


      • Good point Darwin. I use filter holders too, but usually take them off when I put my lens in the bag (because the lenses take up more room with the filter holders on). Any advice for fitting lenses in a bag with Cokin or Lee holders attached?

  8. Darwin and Samantha:

    Loved your video! Laughed all the way through.


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