Fabulous Film Fridays – May 27 (Results of the Holga Hustle)

Samantha and I led a keen group of toy camera enthusiasts to the Holga Hustle in Lake Louise two weeks ago. We gathered with our plastic cameras, in all colours and shapes and went out to catch the dirty snow and grungy parking lots on a bright and mushy spring day. After we hustled with our cameras we headed to Baker Creek Bistro to look at the Vinyl and Aluminum  prints that Sam and I have on display there (they’re still there in case anyone is interested). Below are a few group shots photographed by the Holga Hustlers and a couple of shots that Sam and I took at the event (she used her Keystone point-n-shoot, I used Gail my Fuji GA645 camera). Below the group images are the participant images and we want you the viewer to judge one of these film shots as your favorite. Leave a comment and tell us which one you like best! The winning shot gets a Holga Newbie kit (a Holga, an instructional DVD, and 5 rolls of film) and the respect of the LLTL blog!

The Hustlers in Action

The group - Photo by Andrew

Don't believe that guy! - Photo by John

Those are cool cameras! - Photo by John

Mini Hustlers - Photo by Sherri

Leading them astray - Photo by Samantha

a Keystone camera snap - By Samantha

The Keystone does verticals too! - Photo by Samantha

I stop for signs - Photo by Darwin

Spring melt - Photo by Darwin

The Finalists for the Coveted Holga for Newbies Prize (vote for one of the photos below)

Andrew - Photo 1

Andrew - Photo 2

Catherine - Photo 1

Catherine - Photo 2

Georgette - Photo 1

Georgette - Photo 2

Hendrik - Photo 1

Hiro - Photo 1

John - Photo 1

John - Photo 2

Kate - Photo 1

Kate - Photo 2

Sherri - Photo 1

Sherri - Photo 2

Tom - Photo 1

Tom - Photo 2


32 Responses to “Fabulous Film Fridays – May 27 (Results of the Holga Hustle)”

  1. Georgette – Photo 1
    Gets my vote! That Supersampler is the funkiest camera I’ve ever seen. I’m wowed by the ripcord!

  2. Kate – Photo 1 gets my vote! Love it!

  3. A vote for johnfuj No 1

  4. I love the wild looking light in Tom ‘s #1 photo..Georgette’s #1: wow..that’s really something.

  5. Looks like everyone had a blast! Altho they are all great images, I love Georgette – Photo 2.

  6. Ruth Knox Says:

    Great, creative shots! My vote is for Sherri – Photo #1

  7. Richard Knox Says:

    Sherri #2

  8. Georgette photo 2. 🙂

  9. I love them all! But I’ll vote for Tom Photo 1.

  10. Catherine Photo 2 gets my vote. It just makes me want to be there.

  11. Hendrik Says:

    Georgette, Photo 2!

  12. My favorite is John – Photo 2

  13. Andrew Photo2

  14. Georgette 1

    Have you seen that 360 spin thing. THAT IS AWESOME!

    • Georgette Says:

      I’ve been very tempted to buy a Spinner 360 but I haven’t been able to justify the cost. I probably will eventually break down and buy one though.

  15. I got to go with Georgette Photo #1, love that Super Sampler.

    Everybody can view more pictures of the event at the Holga Hustle Flickr group: http://www.flickr.com/groups/1647093@N25/

  16. My most favorite photo is actually Sam’s first image, looks like milky way in the water. But I will vote Kate – Photo 2. Unique eyes!

  17. Georgette Says:

    My vote is for Tom 2. I photographed the bear too, but I like his angle better.

  18. Elizabeth Matney Says:

    I vote for Kate #1. It reminds me of a well known Thomas Merton photo at his hermitage at the Abbey of Gethsemani. I like the angle Kate saw, looking down at the wheel. I took my Holga on a visit to the hermitage, so I’m tasked to review photos I took there of the wheel. Thanks Kate for a great memory evoking photo!

  19. I vote for Georgette – Photo 2.

  20. My vote goes to Andrew – Photo 2. I like the way Andrew framed the mountain with the trees.

  21. My vote goes to Georgette – Photo 1 because it’s something different, captures a unique perspective, and is a fun shot :-).

  22. I like Andrew photo 2. Crisp b&w.

  23. I must go with Andrew #2. It was a difficult decision, so many unique photo compositions.

  24. Bill McCloskey Says:

    I vote for Georgette’s photo with Tom’s Photo #1 as a close second.

  25. Tom – Photo 1

    Andrew Photo 2 would be my second choice

  26. Andrew- photo 1…. good luck! and great collection up there! 😉

  27. Georgette photo 1 — most creative use of the camera’s unique qualities.

  28. Thanks, everyone, for the comments! The votes are in and being tallied….

  29. […] the votes are in for the winner of the Holga Hustle film photo contest.  Although there were votes cast across the roster, we do have a clear winner.  And the winner […]

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