Inspirations – Soft Nude by Graham Lowe

© Graham Lowe

This model in question is a friend of mine of about 20 years’ standing, and she had just been diagnosed with breast cancer, so was due to have an operation which would disfigure her, although not a full mastectomy. As you can see from the shot, she is very trim, albeit in her 50s, so wanted me to take shots that she could remember herself by, and there was hardly any time between biopsy and operation, so we had to move fast. They were shot in December, in an unheated building (!!) that was being converted from a bank to an art gallery, and which I am involved in. It was the only space available in a hurry, both for the atmosphere of the place and the privacy. It was shot on film, on an original 60s plastic Diana camera. ~ Graham Lowe


8 Responses to “Inspirations – Soft Nude by Graham Lowe”

  1. It is very rare that I like nude photography, but this is done so elegantly AND the story behind it so moving. I applaud your friend for thinking of doing this so she will always remember. Something tells me, tho, that her beauty goes clear through and with or without breasts, she will always be beautiful.

    The lighting, model positioning/pose, background and tone are just perfect.

  2. Lori Maloney Says:

    The photograph is beautiful and her reasons for having it taken profound. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for your kind comments – I had done no work of this type until about three months before I shot these pictures, so I am especially pleased that they’ve had such a positive response from people, and mostly from women, which I find especially gratifying. Graham

  4. The standard of the work is matched only by the sensitivity to the subject. Excellent work by a photographer whose work has inspired and motivated me since I first worked with him as a lecturer.

  5. Very moving. Wonderful image.

  6. This is a beautiful creative image. It is sad to hear about the model’s illness. Wonderful that she photographed so well and you obtained some good photographs for her and for others to see and remember.

  7. Just an update for you all to say that the model is fully recovered from her illness; she will appreciate your comments about her as well as those about the photograph. Many thanks, Graham

  8. Lovely photo. I wish we all took that good care of our bodies to look that good and yet not 20 any more. I like the idea of cherishing what we have with a photo.
    Best of wishes to your beautiful friend.

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