Inspirations – Nicolas Levesque

© Nicolas Levesque

Nikon D700 24 mm lens 1/100s @ f/4.5 ISO

This photograph is from a series called “The Queen’s Living Room“. One week shooting on Queen Street from East to West. I wanted to show this oldest East/West street, and all its contrasts in human moments. From stylish people who look like stars, to the strange and lost, looks like Queen street will always be the same. This photograph took me 15 minutes to find. I saw the man, earlier on the other corner of Younge and Queen, but the photograph I took of him wasn’t good. Then I saw this woman smoking alone. I thought of a picture but abandoned the idea. I went away for 2 minutes for another picture, and when I came back, the woman was still there and the man just sat down to read. I passed by, and very quickly, I made 4 photographs. This is what I kept.
~ Nicolas Levesque


3 Responses to “Inspirations – Nicolas Levesque”

  1. wrphillips Says:

    I would be interested to know the legalese of capturing an image like this and then posting it / showing it / selling it or what ever without release forms etc. from the subjects. Is anyone in a public place fair game so to speak of having their image recorded and possibly used in some manner? I am not being critical in this inquiry but curious and would like to know the answer.

  2. My understanding is that you do not need to get a model release for street images to post or show it. The lines get blurry when you ask about selling. I think the issue comes more from the avenues through which you choose to sell the image. Some agencies and organizations will require a model release for legal reasons or they will not print the image. However I know a few professional photographers who don’t ever obtain a model release and they publish.

    Maybe someone else has something more definitive to share?

  3. The woman’s expression and posture is what makes this image. It’s as if she is saying, ‘Hmph, how dare such a creature sit next to moi!’

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