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Sam and I were lucky enough to be invited to a cool photography podcast based out of Calgary called I am Aduro. This podcast is run by Al Del Degan of Aduro Phorography and Andrew Bolton of Zombie Darkroom. We had a great time chatting and laughing with Al and Andrew. Check it out (click on the Listen Now button on the bottom of the link page) and learn what Sam really thinks of Peter Lik’s photography and why I have little respect for most Leica photographers! As well you’ll learn what it really takes to make a living at photography and the underlying theme for the show is fine art nude photography plus there are lots of cool and interesting links.

Speaking of Fine Art Nude work, check out an interview just posted where Sam and I talk about our upcoming Gaia Nudes, Nudes in the Landscape photo workshop. Click here for more.

©Darwin Wiggett


9 Responses to “Some new interview links”

  1. Nice rasberry Sam after the comment about Peter Lik and the “female market”! I say a few of us Alberta photographers should open up a gallery and price our images at $50,000 a print and see what happens! We can wear meat clothing like Lady Gaga and always be seen in sunglasses like Bono. I’m keeping my shirt on however in any of our promo videos. I get nip chilly below 10C!!

  2. I actually enjoyed that guys. I laughed quit a few times.
    I am with Peter! Anybody has an empty garage we can pimp out?

  3. While I was listening to your comment about Leica, I was upgrading the firmware of MY CAMERA, released just yesterday from one of German optics company. A little Japanese wearing thick black rim eye glasses and cheap business suites, and carrying a camera on neck with a short strap…. I am perfect..LOL.

    • The difference is Hiro, that you actually make amazing images in spite of the short camera strap!

      • I won’t dislike you. I am still follower of both of you!

        It was hilarious, but also many well-thought opinions and teachings in the latter half of the podcast. I think not so many professional photographers talk about the types of topics frankly.

  4. perceived value is everything

  5. Fun interview, guys – always interesting & educational to listen to you (or read you, as the case might be)! Sam, just curious – do you no longer self-identify as a lawyer, or are you just lulling Darwin into a false sense of security before exacting retribution for his comments? ;^D

    I’ve described Peter Lik as a good photographer who is part Paul Bunyan, part Crocodile Dundee, and part P.T. Barnum – and yet for some reason he hasn’t responded to my Friend request on Facebook! 🙂

    I do find him very entertaining (in a good way), though, and I do enjoy his photography even if I wouldn’t pay thousands or millions for it. I suspect he treats his life like an ongoing work of performance art; not only is he Living the Dream, he is Living the Brand… :^D (Still, there is something to be said for mythologizing one’s life, and if that’s what he’s doing I envy him that ability. Oh, and I also envy his ability to get paid boatloads of money for a print, but that’s a different rant!)

    – Jack

  6. Insightful podcast. I like how Darwin and Sam are creating a niche within their landscape expertise, despite the hurdle of separating from the “porn” market. IMO, the Lik stuff is sold in markets where couples are relaxed about spending dough so the pocketbook opens wide. Smart. An acquaintance of mine reluctantly bought one for his wife and the $8000.00 image took 8 months to deliver. Lik has all bases covered.

  7. Yup, nice work if you can get it! I admire Lik’s ability to make money off his personality. That’s what a lot of celebrities do. As Stephen says, it’s about perceived value not actual value for cost. Being able to say you purchased a Lik print will have its own cache, for sure.

    Jack – while it’s hard sometimes to not think like a lawyer (i.e. be overly argumentative), I don’t see myself as one anymore. If it weren’t counter-productive, I should sue Darwin for his comment!

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