Inspirations – Stanley Rose

© Stanley Rose

Canon 5D MkII 70-300mm at 150 mm 1/100s at f/16 ISO 100
Processed in LR2 and cropped approximately 25% on sides.

Hanging Lakes is a popular attraction just off Interstate 70 east of Glenwood Springs in Glenwood Canyon, Colorado. It is a short but steep hike to some small waterfalls and colorful pools. In the Summer, there can be quite a crowd at the small lakes, but in Winter, thanks to deep snow and ice on the steep trail, you can usually have the place to yourself. I took this shot as part of a collection of photos of frozen Colorado waterfalls. I was particularly attracted to the vertical lines of the icicles and opposing horizontals in the reflection, along with the dripping water. I used a telephoto to zoom in on the pattern and a relatively fast exposure to get some of the detail in the dripping water. I just wished I had a dry-suit so that I could wade out amongst all those icicles! ~ Stanley Rose


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Stanley Rose”

  1. Yardstick Says:

    This guy does good work

  2. Susan Osborn Says:

    What a delightful surprise! I have hiked to Hanging Lakes many times but have never seen it like this. Your photos take me back home, sweet Colorado. So miss you.

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