Inspirations – Cristiano Xavier

© Cristiano Xavier

Canon 5DII , 24-105 IS L , 6 minutes at f/8 ISO 320 lightpainted

This shoot was made in the north of Minas Gerais state – Brazil. This region is almost a desert in driest season of the year (from July to October) when the trees lost all the foliage (more of these trees on my website). It’s part of a series named Sertão em Movimento (something like “moving desert”). The trees are static elements in front a moving sky. The picture gets a bit of moonlight and artificial light. The post process is all about LR with a little bit of desaturation and split toning to give that blue cast, no PS here, no layers, no HDR. It’s important in this particular work to have most of the process done in camera, since other images in this series were made on film. ~ Cristiano Xavier


7 Responses to “Inspirations – Cristiano Xavier”

  1. This is gorgeous, Cristiano! Love the stars in the background, nice work!

  2. Beautiful picture, the background is amazing. Great job!

  3. Kieran Hamilton Says:

    Very nice picture, it has quite an eerie, ominous feel, love it!

  4. vicente machado Says:

    Cristiano, congrats.
    Beautiful and original work.
    Keep up wiht it.

  5. Great Work!

  6. Cris, lindo seu trabalho!
    Galeria nele!!!!!!
    bjs e parabens!

  7. Cris, Amazing…

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