The Weekly Photo – June 27

Below is a photo from the Spring in the Rockies Photo Tour. This ‘secret spot’ is only 5-minutes from the Aurum Lodge. I used a Canon 24mm TS-E lens on my Canon EOS-1ds Mark III. The camera was in portrait orientation and I made two vertical photos; one shifted up, the other shifted down to make a long thin pano that I stitched using Photo Merge in Adobe Photoshop CS-5. I also had the lenses tilted for max apparent DOF. Exposure was 20s at f11. I also used a Singh-Ray 4-stop solid ND filter to lengthen exposure time to build-up colour in the sunrise.

©Darwin Wiggett


6 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – June 27”

  1. Exceptionally beautiful Photo

  2. Once again, such a great photograph. Love the cool blue sky agains the warm light of the sunrise.

  3. This photo reminds me Asian hanging scroll. Their subjects are usually nature. I have just searched on google “Kakejiku” or “Kakemono”, and I found some similarity in Darwin’s image and Asian drawings.

    Good story telling from bottom to top, from grass to cloud patterns. I found another my favorite.

  4. Darwin,
    Thanks for the great image! Could you explain what you mean by “lengthen exposure time to build-up colour in the sunrise”? Does exposure length affect color saturation differently than removing the ND filter or adjusting aperture?

  5. Such an amazing photo, so glad you share it with us! 🙂

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