Inspirations – Sagi Kortler

© Sagi Kortler

1/250 sec at f/5.6 ISO 400

This picture was taken in Jerusalem, at Mamilla center which is a small shopping mall right outside the old city that has a centered outdoor boulevard that features art work (mostly sculptures) along it. I passed through that center on my way to the old city when that sculpture/mask caught my eye. I stood there for a while, waiting for someone interesting to pass by or stand next to it but nothing happened so after about 30 minutes or so I moved on and walked to the old city.

On my way back I passed there again to see if I can get anything and there this guy was leaning like that against the wall. I immediately saw the resemblance of the guy mouth  to the sculpture and just got close to the scene, snapped the photo and kept walking.

I use a wide 24mm lens on a full frame body for most of my street photography and I get really close, with this technique the subjects usually are not aware that they being photographed, this was also the case here. The guy is not looking at the camera but looking at me and what I’m doing, this results in a kind of gaze that goes beyond the camera which I really like. ~ Sagi Kortler


One Response to “Inspirations – Sagi Kortler”

  1. Very Cool. They are like twins……except one has hair 🙂

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