Grand Prairie Photo Club Opens 8 Spots for PhotoCram II

Last year Samantha and I spent a 3-day weekend with the Grand Prairie Photo Club where we taught an intensive workshop style program we dubbed PhotoCram. The good folks in Grand Prairie liked the event so much that they are having us back again this year for PhotoCram II to be held September 9-11, 2011. This year Sam and I have all new seminars and new assignments for the club. the good news is that the GP photo club has opened up PhotoCram II to the general public and has announced space for 8 more participants. To see what we are doing at PhotoCram II just click on this link to get the detailed schedule of events

If you want to hang out with a fun crew of photographers, the GP Photo Club can’t be beat! Sam and I had to have a stomach operation after the event from laughing so much! For more information, pricing and to register check out the GP Photo Club website.

©Darwin Wiggett

5 Responses to “Grand Prairie Photo Club Opens 8 Spots for PhotoCram II”

  1. Wonderful shot, Darwin! The glowing light is amazing!

    I wish you guys could come in the Eastern Town Ship in Quebec, it would be so fun. The club are really lucky to have you both with them. 😉

  2. Unfortunately, I won’t be there, as I live in south Florida.

    You say “…four essential filters.” Polarizer, ND, Grad, and I’m wondering what is the fourth?

    Thanks, Darwin.

  3. Great shot Darwin!

    Did you filter this in anyway?

  4. Mary Alston Says:

    Beautiful light!

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