Fabulous Film Friday – July 8, 2011

©Darwin Wiggett

I have yet to develop film that I took last week so for this Fabulous Film Friday, I am pulling an image from the archive. I photographed these two ‘animal actors’ (dogs trained for the movies) with my Canon EOS-1n and a 15mm fisheye lens about 10 years ago. The Border Collie was trained to hold things on his nose and would do so for hours given the right motivation. The animal training is right behind me holding pieces of wieners for the dogs (the right motivation). Both of these dogs love wieners, just check out the excitement in their eyes! An overcast sky acts as a big bright soft box to perfectly illuminate the dogs.


5 Responses to “Fabulous Film Friday – July 8, 2011”

  1. Awesome! Two little cuties! 🙂

  2. Darwin: very funny. The fisheye really adds some humor to their expressions. Bob

  3. Susan Osborn Says:

    The little dog’s head looks a large as his body. Great dog shot.

  4. Roger Casement Says:

    Stand-ins for Sam and Darwin (with a sweet and salty on his nose)????

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