Inspirations – Fireflies by Keith Burns

© LlewellynTheFist

I was sitting on my back deck eating dinner and watching the fireflies dancing across my yard. Having done many images of star trails and using stacking software, I got the idea I could stack many images together and create an impression of the whole field as it is filled with these glowing streaks. I ran out in the field and set up the tripod with an angle so the setting sun was giving just enough light to provide a silhouette of a cherry tree and still have a dark background of the forest to show the light of the fireflies.

I used an intervalometer to fire the exposures on a Nikon D90 @ 18mm. 422 – 3 sec exp, f3.5, iso 500, stacked with Starmax, masked out stacked sky (star trails & planes) and then stacked again over one exposure to create a clear sky. ~ Keith Burns


One Response to “Inspirations – Fireflies by Keith Burns”

  1. Thank you for the information! I tried not long time ago, but the result was very bad… Now I know what to do, thanks to you.

    Great shot! 🙂

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