The Weekly Photo – July 11, 2011

The images below are of Abraham Lake in spring — looks inviting doesn’t it? Let’s go to the beach and go swimming. How about a canoe ride?

If you visit Abraham Lake in Alberta in May or June you’ll mostly see a baked mud flat. If you want big turquoise waters then come in September when the golden falls colours contrast well with the blue-green basin full of water. But in spring the cracked earth makes for some cool photos. Abraham has many faces from the ice bubbles of winter through mud-flats of spring to pristine-looking mountain lake in the late summer and fall.

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett

©Darwin Wiggett


8 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – July 11, 2011”

  1. The textures and lines are amazing. Nice photos.

  2. This has a cool, Death Valley-esque look to it!

  3. Mental note. May-June = more awesomeness at Abraham Lake. Have to remind myself that that lake drains in spring!

  4. xinapray Says:

    Awesome use of perspective, Darwin. I also love the feeling of desolation that I get from these images, especially with your use of (mostly) monochrome.

  5. I like the point of view, well done

  6. Looks like Abraham Lake presents unconventional beauty in the springtime. I really like the B&W’s, especially the second photo!

  7. Hendrik Says:

    Maybe I shouldn’t have spent all time last weekend photographing hummingbirds…fantastic shots!

  8. The link attached is the GigaPan Panorama I took this spring from Whirlpool Point, just upstream from Abraham Lake. Near the centre is the oldest living pine tree in Canada, perched on the bare rock beside the North Saskatchewan River. It’s been there for about 1200 years.

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