Inspirations – Gaby Vicent Oliver

© Gaby Vicent Oliver

Holga image scanned with
Camera Canon EOS 450D 55 mm 1/100sec f/9.0 ISO 400

The photo was taken with a Holga 120 CFN, for which I paid $ 30 dollars on eBay. It was loaded with Kodak color film (Kodak Pro 160). I sent the film to develop but I do not own a scanner (and can’t afford one at the moment for scanning 120 film). The person who usually scans my film has been extremely busy, so I had the rolls for two months in the cupboard. A couple of days ago, I read about a method to scan without scanner. It consisted of taking macro photos of the negatives and inverting them later in Photoshop. The problem was I do not have a macro lens.

A month ago my father-in-law died, and my husband inherited a 70 year old lightbox from his grandmother. I tried to reproduce the method with that lightbox and the Canon 450 with EF-S 18-55mm IS lens (standard lens) handheld. It worked.

I invert the files in Photoshop and change a bit the curves. Turned them to black and white and voila. There is no processing in Photoshop as such, just a tiny touch in the curves. The photograph is a double exposure on film and then ridiculously scanned. ~ Gaby Vicent Oliver


2 Responses to “Inspirations – Gaby Vicent Oliver”

  1. Soooo, this image is a happy accident?? The result is wonderful!

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