Photography Garage Sale – July 24, 2011

If you’re in the Calgary, Alberta area come on out to Cochrane (15 minutes from the west edge of Calgary) to the Garage Sale that Samantha and I will be holding Sunday July 24 from 9AM to 2PM MST. Not only do we have some traditional garage sale goodies (you know electronics, household items, tools etc) but we have lots of photography stuff available. The address is 22 West Terrace Close, Cochrane Alberta. Sale starts promptly at 9AM, cash only sales (receipts for tax purposes will be given out on request). Even if you don’t buy anything, stop by and say hi and go get a Mackay’s Ice Cream while in town! We will not sell anything in advance, all prices are final.

Here are a couple of items of interest for photographers:

Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L lens (version 1): This lens I used for years to make some of my most memorable images. I have upgraded to the Mark II version of this lens but for those on a budget the Mark I version is super capable and does a great job. This lens goes for about $900 to $1200 on the used market. I will sell my for $800 (includes GST). The lens has been modified to have the shift and the tilt in the same plane which is the most useful configuration for landscape photography.

©Darwin Wiggett - Canon TS-E 24mm f3.5L

Canvas and Aluminum Prints: Samantha and I have lots of canvas and Aluminum prints for sale that we will be blowing out at below wholesale cost. Large canvas prints start at $20. Metal prints start at $50! Also we have picture frames and traditional prints for sale at embarrassingly low prices.

Photo Bags: We also have photo backpacks from Kata (3N1-20), Low Pro (Dry Zone and Rover), X-Gear Adventure Packs, Crumpler Bags and more.

Photo Accessories: Lens Align, Cokin Filter products, camera filters, numerous tripods, tripod L-Brackets, flash and flash accessories, studio accessories, gels, white balance tools and lots of other photo goodies all for cheap!

Photo Books: We have numerous photo books on offer from new to older titles.

Photographers Beer Fridge: A critical accessory for the creative photographer! A brand new Danby compact bar fridge for $50!

Aquariums and Terrariums: Perfect for snakes, chamelons, and frogs for photography. I used these to make my silly amphibian and reptile images. Large, medium and small.

G&L Legacy Guitar with Marshal VS65R Valvestate AMP: Perfect for thrashing out Neil Young songs while waiting for HDR photos to develop on your computer ($500 for the kit).

Outdoor Gear: Goodies for the outdoor camper and backpacker.

31 Responses to “Photography Garage Sale – July 24, 2011”

  1. I’m the first one to quickly drive by a garage sale and say I can’t be bothered to take the time but this one actually sounds very interesting. A special kind of garage sale…

  2. I’m thinking Candice and I will likely be stopping by!… or maybe I will come alone so I’m allowed to buy something!

  3. Darwin, is the G&L legacy your guitar? I may go out shooting for the day and BBQ, but if it won’t happen I will drop by.

  4. Tom Ridout Says:

    Darwin can you drop me an email? I’m interested in your Canon shift lens. I got your name from my brother Mark Ridout.


  5. Gosh Darwin, you mean I gotta drive 2,546 miles from Florida to buy the tilt-shift lens? And, I bet you want Canadian cash, course I grok that, American dollars will be worthless on August 3. 🙂

    Best regards,

    Bill Lockhart

  6. A little too far……..but may be 🙂

  7. Beautiful shot!

  8. Crap! Why do all the cool event you throw happen when I just leave Calgary?
    I will tell some friends.

  9. Think I’ll swing by and check things out. Oh dang it I forgot, I’m 1500 miles away! Everyone loves a good garage sale.

  10. andronowski Says:

    Can I call dibs on the 24? 🙂

    • Dibs go to the one with cash in hand at the sale. Sorry, I have been burned before by people promising to buy things so I hold it and then I never hear from them again. Not that you would do that, but that is my new policy going forward. d

      • andronowski Says:

        No worries Darwin – it was written more in jest: yours would be the first garage sale I’ve heard of that you can call ‘dibs’ at!

        Nevertheless, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!

  11. Are you by any chance getting rid of a z-pro filter holder? I am on the hunt for one and they are nowhere to be found…

  12. I will be dropping by – have to get a few things

    • Great sale – I was happy to have picked up a few things I’ve wanted for a long time (like a decent ball head) – thanks for putting the word out!

      Just so you know, my plan for the unframed print is to give it to Robert Bateman – he’s a friend and has been doing a lot for the environment the last few years. The canoe will go in my office, I have a soft spot for canoes.

  13. Did you end up selling all the How to Photograph the Canadian Rockies books? I just realized that mine got wet and, as nice as an ebook is, it’s hard to have in a tent.

  14. Hi,
    I found your blog today via google. I wondered if you sold the tilt shift.

  15. Hi..

    Was on vacation and missed the sale. Do you still have any filters available? I’m on a lookout for a singh ray ND grads and warming polarising filters for my 77mm lens..


  16. Hi. I hava a question. What difference between Canon 24mm TS-E f3.5L lens version 1 and version 2?

    • Version 2 has a wider image circle so it can shift more. Version 2 has tilt and shift movements that can be placed in the same planes or opposing planes, version 1 has the shift and tilt set at 90 degree angle from each other. Version 2 is sharper with less chromatic aberrations. But version 2 is way more expensive, is heavier, has a larger filter thread (82mm) and is harder to filter without getting vignetting. d

    • The creative advantages of the 24mm TS-E are huge compared to using the 16-35mm lens (e.g. tilt for infinite DOF, shift for perspective control and image stitching for seamless panos). Plus the 24mm TS-E is significantly sharper than the 16-35mm lens.


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