Inspirations – Giraffe Caravan by Matt Wade

© Matt Wade

Nikon D40 converted to infrared, Nikon 18-200mm lens, f/8, 1/320, ISO 200

This shot was taken in Tanzania as I was traveling through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area on my way to Ndutu. Our guide spotted the giraffes from a long distance away and pulled over so we could get some pictures.

I took an enormous amount of photography gear to Tanzania including two Nikon D300 bodies with 70-200mm and 200-400mm lenses. But this particular photo was taken with an old Nikon D40 that I had converted to infrared before the trip. I had been inspired by the black and white photos of Nick Brandt and I wanted to try shooting in infrared. RAW files from an infrared digital camera can be strongly tinted with magenta. When I got home, I simply desaturated the image, tweaked the levels and added a vignette.

In composing the shot, I wanted to emphasize the enormous scale of the landscape compared to the giraffes–an animal that most people would normally think of as being large. After trying a few different compositions, I loved how the line of giraffes looked at the very bottom of the frame. We were so fortunate to see these animals traveling in such a beautiful straight line. ~ Matt Wade

2 Responses to “Inspirations – Giraffe Caravan by Matt Wade”

  1. What a fantastic image! I really love how vast it feels and how tiny the giraffes appear. The b+w is a great choice.

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