Basic Tilt and Shift Movements

Anyone who follows my work knows I am a huge fan of Tilt and Shift lenses. These lenses open up so many possibilities for landscape photographers. I am currently working on an eBook that will highlight all the methods to use for creative photography using Tilt-Shift lenses. For now here is a ‘teaser’ video showing the basic movements of a Tilt Shift lens. Before you can use a Tilt Shift lens you need to know the mechanics of the movements. The theory and practical uses of the movements will follow in subsequent videos and in the detailed eBook.

16 Responses to “Basic Tilt and Shift Movements”

  1. Peter Calamai Says:

    Link does not work for me ……..and I’m still saving up for my own Nikon 24mm PC-E lens

  2. The link in the e-mail post did not work for me either. Great video Darwin! I have been experimenting with my 24mm TS lens for a couple of months now, but you just opened up a whole new perspective for me!

  3. Thanks for showing the video! Before this, I have had no idea at all how the tilt shift lens works! Might consider getting one!

  4. Finally I have found someone to show me how to use a Tilt/Shift lens. I don’t yet own one but love to shoot architecture. Now that I understand the capabilities, it will definitely be on my wish list.

  5. roteague Says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Ever heard of large format?

  6. Barry Ryziuk Says:

    Hi Darwin
    It is most likely me but I couldn’t open your link to the teaser clip on tilt shift

  7. It likely won’t work on an iPad, because iPads won’t play flash — talk to Steve Jobs

  8. This is great! My lens can do so much more than I’ve been doing with it. Must go out and practice!

  9. […] Basic Tilt and Shift Movements – Una de las lentes que está en mi lista de la compra es la Canon 24mm TS-E Mark II, algún día me permitiré el caro capricho. Uno de los culpables de mi interés en este tipo de lentes es el fotógrafo Darwin Wiggett. En el siguiente vídeo introduce brevemente los movimientos que permiten este tipo de lentes. […]

  10. Catherine Cromwell Says:

    Ok, I am not on an iPad, but I am on a Mac computer, and I also cannot watch your video. So does that means people with Mac computers can’t watch your video? What happens for people with Mac computers for your ebook?

  11. Mark Curtis Says:

    Darwin…When will the Tilt-Shift Lens ebook be available?



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