The Weekly Photo – July 25

This last week has been crazy busy. From Sunday through Friday Samantha and I went on a 5-day back pack trip with David Topping and Lindsay Ayearst. Following that on Sunday we had our big photo garage sale that was fun and we met lots of local photographers. The trip with David and Lindsay was fun and adventurous full of all sorts of different weather and fantastic scenery. We spent two days in the Whitegoat Wilderness area and  three days in the back-country of Banff National Park. Except for one night we had the back-country campsites to ourselves. And we had a wonderful encounter with a grizzly who was far enough away that we felt safe but close enough we could watch it for a long time. For photographers fit enough to backpack, I highly recommend the Whitegoat Wilderness in Alberta if you have the opportunity and the skills. For camera gear I just took my Rebel T2i and the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens. More pictures from the adventure will follow but for now here is a shot of David Topping at Nigel Creek above Panther Falls in Banff National Park. If you want to get to Panther Falls on your own check out my Icefields Parkway eBook

©Darwin Wiggett



5 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – July 25”

  1. Wow! Sound fantastic! Looking forward to see your photos. 🙂

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! I too am looking forward to more pictures.

  3. I totally agree Darwin. I’ve hiked numerous trails in the Whitegoat area. Pinto lake, Landslide Lake, and Lake of the Falls first come to mind. Lots of opportunities for landscape photography.

  4. David, does your mother know what dangerous things you were doing? 🙂

  5. Kevin Rogers Says:

    After buyer your ebook we hiked to Panther Falls last week. However, I could not do the trail that takes you behind the falls. My nerves just wouldn’t let me hike that narrow ledge. Didn’t have time to hike Nigel Creek but will next year when we visit again. Thanks for the ebooks Darwin.

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