Inspirations – Martin Zalba

© Martin Zalba

This image belongs to a series of infrared photos. The photo is made from a specially prepared reflex camera for infrared photography. After the computer is processed in Lightroom and Photoshop to give this unreal appearance.

Infrared photography can create unrealistic images in which light is special. I have a photographic vision that is very close to painting. I travel with my infrared camera in the spring when the fields have the unharvested grain. I also look for landscapes with rivers, lakes, so combine the water and vegetation. With infrared photography seems that everything is snowy and clouds have a very large volume. ~ Martin Zalba


4 Responses to “Inspirations – Martin Zalba”

  1. I understand you can add filters to your camera to create this effect , what i do not understand is how you get the colour back into the picture. Please explain. Great Picture . Thank You for sharing .

    • Background Color image is made with an investment of red and green channels in photoshop, so the sky returns to its original blue. Infrared photography obtained from the camera in the sky completely red.
      Thanks for your visit and comment

  2. wow! This photo is remarkable, love the IR effect.

  3. Nice image, also I liked his long exposure photos in his website. Color IR and B&W IR seem different spicies. I’ve got to try color IR, too.

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