Inspirations – Yalda Pashai

© Yalda Pashai

This image was shot during a peaceful protest against the American army school called School of America (SOA) in St. Banning, Georgia. I, most like everyone else, believe in freedom and equality, so attending and being part of this protest a great deal to me. In this image, a group of peacemakers are dressed as the dead in front of the gates of the army school, protesting to close down SOA. To my amazement, there was a little girl/boy (hard to tell with the makeup on) between them who looked thoughtful and fearless. I couldn’t stop analyzing what he/she was actually thinking and how aware he/she was about their involvement in the protest.

I’ve received many critiques on this image. Many good and some bad. Some viewers see the image as a protest on violence against Muslim women, especially when they read that I’m an Iranian female. Images are powerful; but captions, even a single word can change the meaning and standards of an image. ~ Yalda Pashai

6 Responses to “Inspirations – Yalda Pashai”

  1. jJosé Senna Says:

    Fantastic shot!

  2. This is one riveting photo that tells a story! I can’t see how anyone would give it a bad critique!

  3. That is a very powerful shot!

  4. Rule number one of photography is that you have to be there. You were there for the right moment to create an image that leaves a powerful impact.
    Interpretations from the viewer are all subjective to themselves and their own viewpoints.
    They comment, They interpret. They like, they dislike. What matters is your opinion and thoughts. It doesn’t change the picture or what you felt when you created it. The emotional impact that comes through is fantastic.
    My interpretation, my thoughts?
    Wow! What a great image, worthy of publishing.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  5. Thank you so much for your great support! All comments inspired me in a way too!

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