Inspirations – Blackthorn Blur by Paul Moon

© Paul Moon

This was taken late one evening when I had been out photographing at a local woodland. I was returning home when I noticed the branches of a blackthorn bush against the soft blue of a metal water tank with rust and rivetts running across horizontally. As it was nearly dusk I knew that the strong breeze combined with a slowish shutter speed would slightly blur the branches I’d used in the frame. I’d been trying to capture the blackthorn blossoms which were spectacular this year but had found it difficult and the water tank provided me with an interesting background for the small white flowers. I really like the soft painterly quality of the final result. ~ Paul Moon

3 Responses to “Inspirations – Blackthorn Blur by Paul Moon”

  1. It is a good picture, but I have a feeling that rust and rivet joint is dividing the picture in half..

  2. I’m a big fan of Paul’s work and interviewed him for a magazine recently – – this is one of my favourites of his, a subtle, wonderful textural quality transforms a mundane background.

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