The Weekly Photo – August 8, 2011

Below are a few more photos from the backpacking trip I recently took with friends. These photos are from Norman Creek at Sunset Pass in Banff National Park, Alberta. If you want a great destination in Banff that is little visited and that is a relatively short backpack, then Sunset Pass might be one to consider. The campground at Norman Creek is perfectly situated on the edge of an expanse of meadows with grand views to Mount Coleman, Mount Wilson and Mount Amery. In spite of the name Sunset pass is great at both sunrise and sunset. To learn more about this hike check out this detailed article by Samantha and see some of the shots she made of Sunset Pass with the Canon G11. Click on the photos to see larger versions. All images were shot with my Canon Rebel T2i and the Sigma 17-50mm f2.8 lens.

©Darwin Wiggett - Mount Wilson and Norman Creek at sunset

©Darwin Wiggett - Samantha on the Sunset Pass Trail

©Darwin Wiggett - Mount Wilson at sunset with the Gold-N-Blue Polarizer

©Darwin Wiggett - Mount Amery before an afternoon rain storm

Samantha posted a picture of me making this last image in her article on Sunset Pass (third photo in the article).


9 Responses to “The Weekly Photo – August 8, 2011”

  1. I love all of your photos. It’s awesome !

  2. I did a day hike up here last spring and I couldn’t believe the views you get just after a couple hours of hiking. The meadows go on forever and every direction is a great photo. I would really like to get up here in the early fall to see what the colors look like then. I was there pretty early last year, so the meadow was still a little brown, but breathtaking still. Great shots Darwin!

  3. Very nice shots. Nice composition and lighting, esp the Mt. Amery shot. Can almost taste the cool misty air. Thanks for reminding me of the hike…been a long time since I’ve gone on that route. Kids old enough to go now.

  4. Your images are beautiful!

  5. beautiful place and lovely photos!

  6. Wow! Simply gorgeous!

  7. ashmerel_7D Says:

    beautiful pictures, beautiful views … u r pro….

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